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Germany?s New Policy Plan Puts The Us On Catch Up - Yahoo News

official site width='200px' /> On these and other such questions, Steinmeier may well have put the Obama administration on notice: Its more-explicit resistance from here on out. The transparency question. I find this especially innovative. Theres a long tradition, not least in the U.S., wherein foreign policy is the preserve of an elite not answerable to any electorate. Germany seems to have read more drawn the right conclusion: This is yesterday and is getting dangerous. Subjecting policy to the democratic process by way of steady dialogue is something new, surely. As the documents explain, Germany has concluded that the globalization process makes policy everyones business now. Observing this will alter policy in some cases and enhance http://blackwelllrlq.soup.io/post/540585668/Euro-Champ-Michele-Di-Rocco-s-Public the polity in all.
More: http://news.yahoo.com/germany-policy-plan-puts-us-104500562.html

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